Tanas Physical Therapy

About Us


Nabila Tanas has been a licensed Physical Therapist for more than twenty eight years. She is a European trained therapist achieving the highest level of training in a wide variety of applications and settings. She specializes in Myofascial release “Trigger Point Therapy” different types of Massage, classical and modern techniques, therapeutic exercises, Postural exercises and Physical Therapy modalities.

Nabila graduated from Limburge Graduate School of Physical Therapy in Holland in 1977. She is licensed in North Carolina, Florida and Holland. She is also registered as a Physical Therapist on the West Bank. She has worked in 3 continents, Europe, Asia and America.

Nabila has a special interest in individualized hands-on treatment, and one-on-one care. Nabila is proud that she has built her business by treating each person as a unique individual, and accommodating the special needs and concerns of each.


Nabila enjoys spending time with her family and enjoys giving back to her community. She is always eager to help those in need and volunteers her time to help the less fortunate with any medical problems.